Saturday, 29 September 2007

Summer Maternity Dresses

GlowMama have a fabulous selection of maternity dresses that are bang on this season's trends.

The Coco Maternity Dress (right) is a subtle take on the patchwork trend in fresh feminine colours. Made from a silk / cotton blend, the Coco dress has a great fit and looks fantastic at any stage of pregnancy.

The Coco Dress can be worn with stappy heels or flats and will have you looking gorgeous at any spring or summer time event.

If you like the duck egg colour of the Coco dress you might also like the effortless cool of the Hannah Maternity Sundress in mist, or the comfortable style of the Bamboo Body Perfect Maternity Dress in sky blue.

Retro is definitely the style of the moment. You can get right in to the trend with Wayfarer-style sunglasses and fluro coloured slogan tees, or you can keep it subtle with something like the elegant Retro Maternity Dress.

If you like a bit of colour go for the gorgeous red style retro maternity dress (pictured) - or for something a little more neutral try it in champagne.

The Retro dress looks great with black patent heels, wedges or wear it with flats for a more casual look.

The Retro dress is a classic choice for the office, great for dinner and drinks, or dress it up with accessories for an elegant wedding look.

If you like the red colouring in the Retro Dress see also the Dhalia Maternity Dress or the Cerise Maternity Dress - it has a beautiful black and white pattern with red highlights.

The LWD (little white dress) is a must have this season.

The Allegra Maternity Dress (right) is 100% cotton and will keep you cool and stylish through the warmer months.

Go girly with pretty accessories and a flower in your hair, go beach glam with bare feet and a tan, or give this lwd an urban edge with leather sandals, tote and over sized sunglasses.

Friday, 28 September 2007

Gorgeous new summer maternity tops

Gorgeous new designs are arriving weekly at GlowMama. Here are some of our favourite new tops in store this week..

The Nikki maternity top is a classic top that will be worn over and again during your pregnancy.

Available in fresh summer shades of watermelon, white or green (pictured) the Nikki maternity top is the ultimate in versatility.
Pair it with the cream coloured Soon Day Maternity Pants, the stylish Amelia linen crop maternity pants in mocha or black, or for a summer corporate look wear with the Charlene maternity skirt.

Another super versatile arrival this week is the Two Tone Twist maternity top. Classic but different, the Two Tone Twist top (pictured left) is soft and comfortable and comes in the neutral shade of cinnamon and black.
The Two Tone Twist top can be worn with long black pants such as the Bamboo Body Essential maternity pants, or the Soon Dress maternity pants for an elegant evening outfit. For a day time look pair back with the short Kali maternity shorts or the velcro maternity capri pants.

A popular top that almost sold out the first day in GlowMama is the Fantasia Ring maternity Top. The Fantasia top (left) is a popular choice for the office because of the elegant sleeve length, the flattering neckline and the gorgeous print looks great with black pants or a black skirt.

Try pairing the Fantasia top with the velcro maternity pants or the Szabo flare maternity skirt in black.

Pregnancy Health - constipation

The GlowMama blog isn't only about maternity fashion. We also supply information and tips from experts on how to stay healthy during pregnancy. Naturpath Juanita Emmerton from Red Suva joins us this week to provide helpful advice on how to alleviate and avoid constipation during pregnancy.

Constipation, although a topic many of us would choose to avoid discussing, is extremely common during pregnancy, especially in the later stages as the baby grows and presses on the intestines. So what can you do?

Eat a diet rich in fibre, for example vegetables and salad greens and ensure you have enough soluble fibre in the diet such as apples which provide a food source for good bacteria in the bowel. Another fibre source is Slippery Elm. Slippery Elm is a fantastic herb which is safe during pregnancy and has a bulking action on the stools. It also soothes the mucus membranes of the gut which makes it great also for morning sickness.

Increase water as this helps to move the stools through the intestinal tract and prevents them from drying out and becoming “hard” to pass.

Avoid refined and highly processed foods as these can contribute to constipation and are devoid of nutrients. Instead, choose wholegrain foods, which not only are higher in fibre, but contain many important minerals in their husks such as zinc, magnesium and calcium.

Listen to your body. Never suppress the urge to move your bowels as this can further contribute to your constipation.

Snack on nuts and seeds as these not only provide a valuable source of essential fatty acids to help lubricate the bowels but are a rich source of calcium and magnesium and help keep your blood sugar more stable.

Exercise regularly. Walking and swimming internally massage the intestinal area and help move your stools through the intestinal tract.

These are just a handful of helpful tips that may provide you with relief from constipation during pregnancy. If the constipation does persist however please consult with your Doctor or Naturopath so they may provide more specialised assistance.

Red Suva is conveniently located in the same complex as GlowMama in Clayfield, Brisbane. Red Suva recently won the 2007 Quest Business Achievers Awards. Juanita can be contacted on phone 07 3357 6295, email or visit the Red Suva website at

Friday, 21 September 2007

Celebrity pregnancy style - Isla Fisher

Out and about

Isla Fisher is one chic mama! Out and about with Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla looks relaxed and comfortable in her stretchy cami and black skirt.

Summer is on the way. Get Isla's cool look with the Bamboo Body soft cami (pictured left) and the Bamboo Body Essential skirt. The Bamboo Body range is so soft and comfortable - perfect for days out when you want to look good and feel great.

Add sunglasses and your favourite flats and voila, your go to outfit for summer!

Baby showers and special events

If you are wondering what to wear to a baby shower or party take a few tips from Isla Fisher. Isla is on her way to a baby shower and wears a pretty blue empire line floaty top paired with linen pants. This pretty look (below left) is perfect for the warm weather.

GlowMama has some gorgeous floaty summer tops. Try the silk Lola top (pictured below right). Perfect for weddings, parties and baby showers. Complete the look with the dressy Ariel linen pants.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Maternity Shorts

GlowMama have a fabulous selection of maternity shorts just in time for summer. We have a variety of styles and colours to suit any taste. The following review will help you select the best maternity shorts for you.

For those after a relaxed casual pair of maternity shorts try the Soon Cargo Maternity Shorts. These light weight shorts are knee length but can be rolled up higher if you want to show a little more leg. Available in khaki (pictured right).

The Ripe linen maternity shorts are also a summer time favourite. Available in stone and khaki these shorts have a front tie, and elastic back and fall to the knee.

For a shorter version, try the super cute Kali cotton maternity shorts with roll up cuffs and draw string waist by MBC. Pair with a floaty top for easy summer style. Pictured left.

For those who prefer a longer 3/4 pant length, the Amelia linen maternity crop pants are a must have! These cool linen maternity crop pants have a drawstring waist, are easy to iron and incredibly soft. Pictured below right, these maternity pants are available in black or mocha.

For a stylish mid-knee length short try the Karolina maternity shorts by Boob Sweden. An underbump style, the Karolina maternity shorts are available in black or light khaki.

The Essential Maternity Crop Pants by Bamboo Body have a soft fold up fold down waist band. The fabric is luxuriously soft and stretchy and the shorts have been designed to skim not cling. Made from natural fibres these breathable, comfortable maternity shorts are very versatile and suitable for any day time event. Wear them exercising, shopping or to a sunday bbq. Comfort and style need not be mutually exclusive. Pictured left.