Wednesday, 22 August 2007

How to relieve an itchy pregnant belly

Do you find that the skin on your belly is sensitive, itchy and even rashy? This irritating condition is common and can be attributed to pregnancy hormones and the fact that your skin is being stretched considerably.

How can you relieve the itch? We have a few tips that will help.
* Make sure you keep your tummy well moisturised
* Use hypoallergenic washing detergent
* Wear soft, smooth natural fibres such as those from Bamboo Body.

The Bamboo Body range is so soft, hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin. The Ruched Singlet can be worn by itself or as a soft layer under your favourite top. The Essential Tee (pictured right) comes in four colours and is a must have for your pregnancy wardrobe. The T-shirt Extender is also a good option for covering your belly in softness and is particularly handy in the early stages and very late stages of pregnancy. Check out the Bamboo Body website for more information on their products.

The Bamboo Body collection also includes the Perfect Dress, the Essential Pants and the Essential skirt.

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Andrea said...

I love Bamboo Body. In fact, I love pretty much everything to do with bamboo but Bamboo Body in particular has some really stylish clothes.