Monday, 16 July 2007

Are you a pregnant bridesmaid?

Your best friend is getting married, you are a bridesmaid and you are pregnant. What on earth are you going to wear?

We have some tips to help you and The Bride choose the perfect dress.

The challenge is finding a dress that will fit in with the wedding theme and is going to suit you several months from now when your body has a different dimension.

* Your body is going to continuously change for the next few months. Eliminate the guesswork (and the stress) by selecting a gown with an empire waist.

* Avoid fussy bows and ruffles. All of the bridesmaids look better in fewer adornments, and you're no exception.
* Make sure you will be comfortable - steer clear of itchy lace sections and definitely don't try to squeeze yourself into a gown that is too small.

* Invest in a comfortable pair of shoes. You will be on your feet for a long time so be prepared..

At GlowMama, we have several good options for bridesmaid dresses. The Sunray Maternity Dress (pictured right) is perfect. It has an empire line cut and simple details to make it special - such as the ribbon around the empire line and pleating detail in the skirt. We stock the Sunray dress in 7 colours so you are more than likely able to find a shade to match in with the wedding theme. Some of our customers have loved the Sunray dress so much that they have dressed all bridesmaids in it - pregnant or not!

Another great option is the Delux Satin Maternity Dress (pictured left). This is an elegant design and definitely wouldn't be out of place in even the most stylish wedding. You could also try the Szabo knot maternity dress, the Szabo halter maternity dress, or for a pretty spring themed wedding the Roses Knot Maternity Dress would look stunning.

Make sure you enjoy yourself and don't hide from the camera! Sure, you don't look like you did last year, but you look amazing now! Be sure to join in on group photos, and have a few taken of only yourself as a radiant keepsake of this wonderful time in your life.

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