Thursday, 5 July 2007

Stretch Marks

One of the dreaded side effects of pregnancy is stretch marks. There is no sure fire way of preventing them (it is apparently a genetic pre-disposition) however creams can help to keep skin supple and help to reduce their impact.

I didn't get any stretch marks with my first pregnancy. I used a number of different products including aromababy stretched to the limit cream, bio oil stretch mark cream and plain old olive oil. I don't know if they helped prevent stretch marks but they certainly helped to relieve the itchiness associated with a stretching belly.

I have been looking for some natural products for nappy rash and came across the site called Top 2 Toe Naturally . They have a wide selection of products including a Nourishing Belly Balm. Another store called Vitale Natural has Mango Butter Belly Balm which sounds good enough to eat! Vitale Natural actually have a store in Brisbane so I might pop down there some time and have a look.

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